Your Partner

The people in antiquity viewed love in a completely different way than we do now. Back then, they viewed love as something lustful, very sexual, and erotic. With such an intense view on love, it is difficult for one to be sane if events do not turn out well for both parties. Even in our world today, living with a broken heart is difficult for one to live with. With this in mind, it makes sense for people back then to rely on magic for love because if it doesn’t work out, then it is easy to blame the gods and magic for not working properly. This is much less painful than looking introspectively and trying to cope with a failed relationship. Love is just another force of nature, nature is just art and art is just an expression of a feeling. This is why people in antiquity tried to control nature with magic because they do not understand it, but they wanted to, they related to gods, since they were perceived as the protogenic movers of everything.


In antiquity, the banquets and symposiums emphasized the "internationally accepted" ritual of alcohol consumption, whose role in promoting commercialism, in the exchange of hospitality and the dynamics of...

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Non-mythological erotic scenes appear frequently on a variety of Roman objects intended for daily use. These images portray a range of settings, couples, and positions with a casualness...

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